Article 10.3: Use of International Standards


National export, import or transit formalities, procedures and data/documentation requirements may be based on international standards

What is covered?

Core obligation

Members are encouraged to use international standards or parts thereof to facilitate trade, including import, export and transit transactions, without reducing their obligations under the TFA.

This is a ‘best-endeavour Measure’, meaning that it is not mandatory but encourages the Members to adopt new techniques and technology, tested and used through binding or non-binding international instruments to facilitate trade and reduce cost of doing business.

Periodic review of standards

The Measure encourages Members to work with the relevant international organizations to take part in preparing aperiodic review of international standards, where possible within their resources. The purpose is to create ownership and acceptability amongst stakeholders.

What is not covered?

Matters beyond import, export and transit formalities, procedures and data/documentation requirements are not covered by this Measure.

The Measure does not make it mandatory to follow particular international standards. The standards could be tailored to countries’ international trade policies and cooperation vis-à-vis their trading partners.

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