Article 10.5: Pre-shipment Inspection


Members must quit the mandatory use of pre-shipment inspections for tariff classification and customs valuation

What is covered?

Core obligation

The Measure mandatorily appeals Members not to require the use of PSI for tariff classification and customs valuation, meaning that PSI will not have to be conducted anymore for confirming tariff classification and customs valuation.
In case a PSI system exists, such system will require legal review for aligning domestic laws with obligations arising from this Measure.

Discipline on the introduction or application of new requirements to use PSI

In recognizing that Members can have rights to still use other types of PSI which do not deal with tariff classification and customs valuation (e.g. PSI related to sanitary and phytosanitary measures to test the shelf life of products), the TFA nonetheless encourages Members not to introduce or apply new rules and requirements regarding their use.

In light of its “best-endeavour” nature, paragraph 5.2 does not impose a legal obligation not to use also other types of PSI but encourages Members to reduce or ideally eliminate its use.

What is not covered?

The Measure does not discipline the use of pre-shipment inspections other than customs control.

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