Article 1.4: Notification


Members have to notify the WTO Committee on Trade Facilitation about the official location and contact information related to previous measures pertaining to
(1) publication, (2) information through Internet and (3) enquiry points

What is covered?

Scope and objective

The notification to the WTO Committee on trade Facilitation, as per requirement of Article 1.4 of the TFA, covers the following information:

  • Information about the official places where the information listed in bullets “a” to “j” under Article 1.1.1 has been published;
  • The Unique Resource Locator (URL) of the websites where the trade-related information accounted for in Article 1.2.1 has been placed through the Internet;
  • Contact details of all the enquiry points established under Article 1.3.1.

The aim of this Measure is to allow WTO Members – and consequently all relevant stakeholders – to be acquainted with each other’s data to ensure a fair and transparent access and exchange of relevant information pertaining to Article 1. Another objective is also to oversee that each WTO Member is complying with the transparency measures enshrined in Article 1.

Core obligation

In order to ensure compliance with the high standards of transparency enshrined in the TFA, Article 1.4 requires that Members inform other WTO Members within the WTO Committee on Trade Facilitation detailed contacts and sources where information under Articles 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 has been made available.

The core obligation of Article 1.4 thus demands Members to notify to the Committee on Trade Facilitation established by the TFA the above-mentioned information (see Scope) linked to the items listed in the other three sub-articles of Article 1.

In light of its mandatory nature, all Members are required to comply with this Measure.

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