Recommendation No.42

Trade and Transport Facilitation Monitoring Mechanism (TTFMM)

Author/Source: UNECE, UN/CEFACT

Year of adoption/publication: 2017
Document reference: ECE/TRADE/437

Link to the document on the internet: Recommendation N.42

Purpose: To encourage governments, business communities, development partners and international organizations to collaborate in the development of sustainable Trade and Transport Facilitation Monitoring Mechanisms (TTFMMs).

Summary:The Recommendation and Guidelines provide guidance to governments on establishing a trade and transport monitoring mechanism, specifically to building the institutional framework and capacities for carrying out the assessments.
The TTFMM is based on the UN/CEFACT Buy-Ship-Pay Model and integrates Business Process Analysis as a method to collect data.

The guidelines cover the following aspects:

  • Institutional arrangements and resource requirements
  • Definition of the scope of monitoring and data collection methodology
  • Analyzing the data for the purpose of policy formulations and recommendations

It is recommended to anchor the TTFMM with a national trade and transport facilitation committee and develop national resources to make it sustainable and affordable.