WCO Single Window Compendium

Author/Source: World Customs Organisation (WCO)

Year of adopting/publication: 2017 (first version 2011). The title of the 2017 version has changed to “Building a Single Window Environment” and structural and editorial improvements have been made to some Parts, and four new Parts have been developed.

Link to the document on the internet: The full text of the Compendium is available on the WCO website discussing Single Window guidelines

Purpose: To support capacity building efforts in the context of Single Window planning and implementation projects.

Summary: The compendium consists of two volumes. Volume 1 called Executive Guide, deals with aspects of Single Window that are of concern to senior management. Volume 2, called the Professional practice guide, is a collection of tools and techniques to support technical experts working on projects to establish a Single Window.
Each volume consists of several parts.

Part I-IX of Volume 1 cover:

1. Understanding Single Window Environment
2. From Cross-border regulatory functions to Single Window services
3. Single Window as part of Customs Modernization
4. Creating the Political Momentum
5. Establishing the formal structure
6. Designing Single Window Services
7. Dealing with legal issues
8. Ensuring Data Quality, Security and Privacy
9. Managing transition to a Single Window

Part I-IX of Volume 2 cover:

1. Writing a Business Case for Single Window
2. Public Private Partnerships
3. Functional Assessment
4. Innovation in Business Process and e-payments in Single Window
5. Data harmonization
6. Dematerialization and Paperless processing
7. Single Window Architecture
8. Integrated Risk Management
9. Performance Management & Sustainability

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