Guidelines and guides

Guidelines and guides issued by relevant trade facilitation organizations are important Trade Facilitation Instruments as they are providing very practical material and information on processes, techniques and working methodologies affecting trade facilitation. Some of the most relevant Guides and Guidelines are:

Guides for a specific topic or area

Many country assessment reports and studies make reference to international rankings of countries' trade facilitation or related performance and situation. These rankings do not provide implementation guidance and are therefore not instruments per se. They are however often used to benchmark a country's situation and measure progress. The UN Regional Commissions conduct the Global Survey on Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation every two years.

The other main indicators are: the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) by the World Bank and the Doing Business by the International Finance Cooperation (IFC) of the World Bank Group.

Furthermore, UNECE has developed a Methodology for Analyzing Procedural and Regulatory Barriers to Cross-border Trade ).