Trade Facilitation Instruments:

In their trade facilitation efforts, countries might use and refer to international instruments or best practices as guidance and source of inspiration. These instruments vary in legal nature and membership. For the purpose of this guide they are categorized into the following four categories:



Conventions with legal binding force.

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Recommendations and Standards

Recommendations and Standards with non legal binding force.

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Guidelines and guides


Guidelines and guides provide information on technical matters.

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Compilations, case studies, and best practices

Case studies and best practices provide information of a particular matter in an applied context.

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Experts and publications on trade facilitation often use terms and words that are specific for the Customs or transport world. Glossaries provide alphabetical lists of words as they related to trade facilitation. See more..

Based on the proposed hierarchy on TF instruments discussed in the chapter "Reform instruments, tools, and best practice approaches" of the
World Bank Border Management Modernization publication.